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At Pioneer Yards we offer a prestige backyard maintenance service which covers all areas of your backyard to allow you to spend more time enjoying your backyard rather than having to tend to it. Our full list of services include:

  1. Lawn mowing and maintenance
  2. Lawn edging
  3. Lawn fertilising
  4. Lawn aeration
  5. Bindi, clover and weed management
  6. Garden maintenance
  7. Seasonal mulching
  8. Weeding
  9. Pool cleaning and digital pool testing
  10. Gutter cleaning (up to 2 storey homes)
  11. Pressure cleaning of driveways, pathways, patios & decks
  12. External window washing
  13. Wheelie bin cleaning
  14. BBQ Cleaning

If you are in need of any of the above services please contact us for an obligation free quote.

We offer a premium service. Pioneer Yards sets a standard for ourselves that sits considerably higher than other similar operators on the Gold Coast. As such we take our time to ensure that we know exactly what our clients want and then work diligently to deliver them.

We also invest in the best equipment and maintenance practices to ensure that we provide the best level of service and our tools perform to their optimum performance ensuring a fantastic result for our clients.

Our work doesn't stop when we leave our clients premises, we continue to work for our clients by preparing and sending detailed reports after each visit, updating and adjusting their Custom Backyard Management Plans and engaging with our clients to ensure they are 100% satisfied with each service we undertake for them.

In short, to save time and energy to allow you to enjoy your backyard with friends and family rather than spending hours in the hot sun!

Plus, we also have the best equipment to get the job done to the highest standard and we can provide recommendations on any improvements that can be made to your lawns and gardens.


We are covered up to $10,000,000 (that's 10 million) to enable us to work on some of the most exotic and expensive homes on the Gold Coast.

We will happily provide a full copy of our current certificate of insurance to any prospective client when we provide your quote.

We sure do.

One of our biggest grievances is when we see other operators leaving behind their clippings and garden waste because the client didn't want to pay for it. As a professional we firmly believe that it is a simply cost of doing business and do no believe that any client should be left with a job half done, which is why we always ensure that we take away all grass clippings and garden waste.

We use top of the line commercial equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry.

Our power equipment is a mix of Honda mowers, blowers, brush cutters and multi-tools, while we love the Shindaiwa brand for hedge clippers due to their superior blade strength, precision and sharpness. Pioneer Yards also use Stihl chainsaws and combination blower / vacuums for our gutter cleaning and larger clean-up jobs.

We also have a vigorous maintenance schedule and proudly use Hinterland Mowers and Ashmore Mowers for the maintenance of our power tools.

For hand-held equipment we use a mixture of Cyclone and Friskars as these two brands in our experience provide the best quality of tool, their blades stay sharper for longer and are built for professional use. The equipment we use for pool cleaning and testing is mixture of the top brands from Australia and overseas.

Yes, each new client is entitled to 50% off their first service. If you are looking for someone to do the heavy lifting in your backyard, or you are looking for someone new to improve your backyard, contact us today and we will provide you an obligation free quote, and the first service is half price!

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