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Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

In today’s busy world we don’t always have the time, patience or desire to spend the required time to keep our lawns looking amazing.

Lawn mowing and maintenance of your lawn requires year round attention and keep your backyard looking amazing but also ensures that your kids and their friends have somewhere nice to play on the endless sunny days that the Gold Coast offers.

Pioneer Yards will ensure that your lawns look awesome all year round with our dedicated team crafting a unique Lawn Management Plan for your yards specific needs to ensure that it looks and feel amazing in Summer while we tend to it during the cooler months to ensure its kept healthy and vibrant for when the Summer parties, BBQs and backyard sports & competitions.

Each client receives a custom Lawn Mowing and Maintenance plan which includes:

  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly mowing
  • Quarterly fertilization
  • Quarterly Aeration
  • Weed management and eradication
  • Lawn grub identification and removal (if required)
  • “Dead patch” management and rehabilitation
  • Clover and Bindi identification and removal

Our Difference

Unlike other lawn mowing businesses on the Gold Coast, Pioneer Yards goes the extra mile in that we don’t just mow and whipper snip your grass, we take the time and care to treat your grass professionally so that when your friends, family and neighbours come around your lawn is the envy of everyone who walks on it.

We treat and fertilise your grass to ensure that it looks its best during the long Summer's on the Gold Coast, and we take action during the cooler Winter months to ensure that when Spring arrives it is ready to thrive.

Pioneer Yards also constantly treats and eradicates weeds, bindi's and clover another major benefit our package customers see is that should any problems with their grass arise, such as lawn beetles and mice, our constant attention ensures that we identify and fix the problem quickly.

Results you'll see

  1. Manicured lawn
  2. Perfect edges
  3. Healthy root system
  4. Lush healthy grass leaves
  5. All clippings removed
  6. Repaired dead patches
  7. Attention to detail
  8. Detailed report after each service
  9. Custom recommendations

When we're available

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What our clients are saying

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George Paradise Waters

Jason from Pioneer Yards has been fantastic. The first time I called him he came out promptly to discuss what I needed doing in my backyard (some hedging, pruning and mulching) and he was not only able to provide me a quote on the spot, he was able to fit me in within the next couple of days. I was blown away by the quality of his work, and what impressed me the most was that after he had finished he provided me with a detailed report on what he had completed, but what he also recommended going forward.

I have now signed up to his professional platinum package and my backyard has never looked better.